Auditing is the process of verifying the underlying data of financial and other information of an organisation for the purposes of reporting to interested parties (for example, shareholders, trustees, management committees). 

Not all organisations require an audit, and there are certain thresholds to determine such requirements

Many audits are statutory (for example, larger companies, etc.), but some are voluntary (for example, charities or trade associations). In either case, MMP can carry out extensive audit procedures and provide statutory audit reports to members of the organisation.

Clients requiring audited accounts should provide MMP with financial statements and underlying accounting information in order for us to:-

  • plan our audit approach
  • record systems and processes
  • carry out the necessary testing on the systems and processes
  • evaluate findings
  • final review
  • prepare report to members

Our specialist audit team are friendly and flexible enough to work around you - audits can be carried out on your premises, on our premises or a combination of the two.

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